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Our Firm

Distinct services. International disputes and business opportunities are seldom one dimensional.  Multinational businesses and governments often face a wide variety of challenges—legal, financial, political, and cultural—all at once.  We provide U.S. and international legal services, strategic consulting, and government relations on complex, and often politically and culturally sensitive, matters.  Combining legal sophistication, business acumen, and public policy expertise, we offer a comprehensive approach to assist clients on transactions, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution.  Our representations can include government relations; building coalitions; and outreach to local, national, and multilateral stakeholders.


Distinct expertise.  As leaders in our fields, we regularly write and lecture on U.S. and international topics and appear in the U.S. and international media.  But two things truly distinguish us: (1) we have spent decades living and working in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe and (2) we represent foreign governments as well as investors and creditors.  As a result, we bring to bear political and cultural as well as legal expertise.  Our experience working with a wide spectrum of people overseas, from village elders to government ministers, enables us to identify opportunities and preempt problems quickly and efficiently.  


Distinct firm.  We are client-focused, success-driven, and value-added.  Our business model reflects these principles and our record of success.  We staff matters leanly with expert practitioners, rather than leverage large numbers of junior staffers.  Based on our clients’ needs, we build specialized, scalable teams.  These teams of legal, financial, and technical experts allow us to achieve client goals rapidly and cost-effectively.  And unlike many of our international peers, our expertise allows us to offer a variety of compensation options that allow us to share risks and rewards with our clients.

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