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U.S. Litigation

We specialize in high impact disputes—cases that involve prominent subjects or politically sensitive matters, complex or novel legal questions, public policy issues, and often multiple forums in the United States and overseas.

We have represented U.S. and foreign multinational and mid-sized corporations in trial and appellate cases in federal and state courts throughout the United States.  In addition, we have represented U.S. companies and trade associations in numerous federal regulatory litigations and appeals; defended manufacturers in product liability class actions, including Multi-District Litigation, throughout the United States and overseas; and represented corporate and individual clients on various federal investigations.  We have also represented foreign investors and state-owned enterprises in U.S. courts.  Our litigation experience in U.S. courts extends to a wide range of subjects and sectors. Because of the sensitivity surrounding many disputes and the desire of several clients for confidentiality, we have not included identifying information for many of these matters.   

Select Representations:


  • Litigating breach of contract, fraud, and other tort and equity claims on behalf of foreign investor against U.S. companies and shareholders in U.S. District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, state courts, and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

  • Achieved quick dismissal on behalf of foreign, state-owned company in federal district court in international commercial dispute with U.S. company

  • Reversed adverse judgment and eliminated all damages against defendant accused of regulatory and contractual violations


  • Litigated legality of mortgage product under state and federal lending statutes in federal district court

  • Appealed judgment of U.S. securities laws violations in action brought by Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Conducted trial and appellate litigation in insurance case


Administrative Law

  • Successfully challenged adverse agency finding and action under Administrative Procedure Act and Inspector-General Act

  • Challenged U.S. Department policy and failure to conduct rulemaking in federal district and appellate courts under the Administrative Procedure Act and food and drug statutes; provided strategic counseling on access to Asian markets

  • Challenged federal agency rulemaking in two federal district courts and two appellate courts on behalf of national farmers organization under the Administrative Procedure Act and food and drug statute

  • Appealed U.S. Department’s application of law and facts in trade dispute

  • Defended and challenged multiple administrative actions and rulemakings in federal district and appellate courts throughout the country in variety of sectors, including transportation, telecommunications, environment, and food safety

  • Appealed zoning board determination regarding land use

Product Liability

  • Defended Japanese automobile manufacturer in multi-district, product liability class action lawsuit in both state and federal trial courts

  • Defended U.S. chemical manufacturer facing potential liability of $4.5 billion in East Asia

  • Defended U.S. company in enforcement action involving liability in Central America

  • Defended U.S. automobile manufacturer in product liability class action lawsuit in state trial and appellate courts throughout the United States


Private International Law

  • Achieved dismissal in federal trial and appellate courts on novel claim against Canadian company alleging that company’s foreign investment constituted trafficking in stolen goods

  • Represented West African country in dispute with U.S. company concerning alleged expropriation and unpaid license, taxes, and fees

  • Represented U.S. government-chartered banking entity regarding $600 million potential expropriation by Southeast Asian nation in violation of international law

Public International Law

  • Advised European government on recovering stolen antiquities under U.S. and international law

  • Appealed adverse jury verdict in human rights case on behalf of families of victims tortured and murdered in Central America

Constitutional Law

  • Challenged constitutionality of federal statute and federal adjudicative body under Due Process Clause as well as Department action under unconstitutional conditions doctrine

  • Defended land use regulation against First Amendment and Religious Freedom Restoration Act challenges

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