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International Dispute Resolution

Government Clients and State-Owned Enterprises

The following are some examples of our international representations of sovereign governments and state-owned enterprises.  Because of the sensitivity surrounding many international disputes and the desire of several clients for confidentiality, we have not included identifying information for many of these matters.   


  • Representing island country to complete decolonization and obtain reparations from the Netherlands 

  • Advised Ceylon Petroleum Corp. and drafted legal documents in support of RFP for $1 billion project   

  • Represented NHRC-Qatar before U.S. government and international fora regarding human rights abuses and other violations of international law by countries imposing blockade during the Gulf Crisis

  • Represented Gulf human rights organization to help promote human rights in MENA countries and reforms of regional human rights conventions and courts

  • Represented East African country in an international arbitration regarding violations of international law including jus ad bellum, the first time that legal responsibility for a war was litigated before an international tribunal

  • Counseled European government on international and constitutional issues related to UN peace plan

  • Successfully defended East African state-owned telecom company in international litigation

  • Successfully avoided any liability on behalf of West African country in dispute with foreign investors concerning alleged expropriation and unpaid license, taxes, and fees

  • Counseled European country on European Union accession issues

  • Represented East African country on the demarcation of an international border

  • Represented U.S. government-chartered bank in dispute and workout of $600 million power purchase agreement and related documents concerning an electric power facility in Southeast Asia

  • Counseled Central Asian state-owned enterprise on foreign investment issues

  • Counseled Southeast Asian state-owned enterprise on foreign investment issues

  • Advised European government on return of stolen antiquities

  • Counseled Southeast Asian minister on maritime border issues

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